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Welcome to the icipe library, also known as the Information Resource Centre (IRC). We are located on the ground floor of the R&D building, Duduville Campus.

The icipe Library and its staff are here to support your research and studies, providing you with access to information – whether online or printed – and the skills to make the most of it.

Opening Hours

From 09:00 – 17:00 hours during week days
Closed on weekends and public holidays

Joining the Library (Registration)

As an icipe staff or icipe student you are entitled to full access to all library resources, borrow books and other printed materials, and search for and download online journal articles and books. Before using the library resources, students and staff must register. Please visit the library to be registered, or contact Arnold Mwanzu, IRC Coordinator amwanzu@icipe.org

Help and training

Library staff can provide training to all staff and students, either individually or in groups. Training includes:

  • Introduction to library services
  • Access to information resources
  • Information literacy
  • Reference management
  • Publication policy and ethics (including plagiarism and predatory journals)

The library staff are happy to help! Ask for help at the Information Desk in the library or Contact Us

Or you can teach yourself:

  • Go to our Library Services section to see the quick guides on how to access books and theses in the library.
  • Go to Electronic Resources>How to Find a Journal Article online on how to find an article in our electronic resources.
  • Go to the Library Services>Information Literacy section on the on how to conduct effective literature searches.
  • Go to Research Tools>Mendeley Resources and how to use Mendeley reference manager.