Find a book in the ICIPE Library

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Find a book in the icipe library

Search for a book in the icipe Online Catalogue:

Simple search

  1. Go to the book page of the Library Catalogue
  2. Enter a term or terms in the ‘Search’ box at the top of the page.
  3. Click 'Go'.

Advanced search

  1. Go to the Library Catalogue Advaced Search page
  2. Select ‘Book’ and ‘Reference’ under Item Type.
  3. In Advanced Search select field items (e.g. Keyword, Author, etc.) and enter search terms.
  4. Click 'Search'


Once you have found the desired book in the catalogue, make a note of the title and author, but most importantly the 'Call Number' (given after 'Location(s)' field) e.g. 577.1 INT or TH612.398 OWI. Using the 'Call Number' locate the book on the library bookshelves. A librarian can assist you to locate the book if necessary.

Please take your item(s) to the Library front desk where staff will issue the book(s) to you. Note: the library staff will only issue books to a registered staff or student with an employee or payroll number.

Once borrowed, you can go to My Library Account to view borrowed items and other details.