Information Literacy

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Search Skills

Electronic sources hold vast amounts of information which may be relevant to your research. Effective search skills will help you to quickly locate the information you require and avoid the frustration of being overwhelmed by hundreds or thousands of irrelevant search results.

Effective literature searching in Google and PubMed (Document)

LSHTM: Introduction to information skills 2. Effective literature searching in Google and PubMed

INASP Training workshop

This workshop provides for half-day training on online research literature identification and searching skills. As a result of this workshop, researchers will be better able to (efficiently) identify and use the most appropriate resources for their teaching and research needs. The workshops are such that librarians can modify them for their own situation.

How to become a literature searching ninja

How to conduct a literature search

LSHTM: Introduction to information skills 1. Finding an item on a reading list and citing it in an assignment.

Information Literacy Powerpoint from Research4Life

University of Cranfield Online information literacy tutorial

Getting Started with Science Direct (video)

Getting Started with Scopus (video)

Internet Searching and Evaluating Websites (PowerPoint presentation)