Library Rules

The library rules are enforced to ensure optimum use of the information resources and services of the library. Any library user has an obligation to report anyone breaking these rules to the library staff. The library staff has authority to deny access to anyone violating these rules in consultation with the management.

A. General Library Rules

  1. Only registered patrons with icipe payroll numbers and IT logins who have a contract, consultancy or studentship of at least six months period are allowed to borrow library materials.
  2. It is prohibited to share Usernames and Passwords for the subscribed E-Resources to anyone who is not a current icipe employee or postgraduate student.
  3. Silence must be kept at all times while near or inside the library premises.
  4. Mobile phones should be kept in silent mode while in the library; if answering a mobile phone call, please move outside the library.
  5. All bags and briefcases should be left at the baggage area near the library entrance or behind the enquiry desk.
  6. Any personal reading material must be declared at the enquiry desk before being used inside the library and while being taken out.
  7. Sleeping, smoking, eating and drinks are not allowed inside the library.
  8. All reading materials removed from the shelves must not be returned to the shelves but left on the reading tables to be re-shelved by the library staff only.
  9. No library material shall be taken out of the library unless properly borrowed and authorized by library staff.
  10. Up to ten reading materials may be borrowed for up to 30 days by a registered library user at any one time.
  11. All borrowed materials must be returned to the library on or before the due date or renewed on due date if required for a longer period provided they are not needed by another user.
  12. All overdue materials may attract penalties and lost items must be replaced or paid for at current price.
  13. Removing chapters or pages of books or journals or defacing or interfering with ownership marks of any reading material, equipment or furniture is a serious violation of library rules.
  14. Reference books are not for borrowing and should be used only inside the library; special arrangement may be made to lend out reference material for one to two days during week days and/or over the weekend.

B. Use of library computers

  1. The icipeCOMPUTER AND NETWORK USAGE POLICY as given in the Employee Manual must be followed at all times.
  2. The library computers are for accessing E-Resources and other library information resources, and for compiling reserach information. They are not to be used for personal use or other activities.
  3. Users of the library computers must register their personal details at the Library Front desk before entering the computer room.
  4. Users of the library computers will be logged in by a library staff member. The user will then be able to access all the Library E-Resource databases.
  5. Installing software, deleting software or changing the computer settings is prohibited.
  6. Users may temporarily save files in the TEMPORARY FOLDER on the desktop. However, these will be routinely deleted by library staff.
  7. Users can transfer files that they have saved in the TEMPORARY FOLDER through their own email address or personal Google Drive (or similar).
  8. The use of Flash Drives (memory sticks) is prohibited because they are a source of computer viruses.
  9. Viewing offensive material, playing games, online chatting or otherwise using the library lab computers for unofficial business is prohibited.