Guidelines for accessing subscribed e-resources

The following provides guidance on what you can and cannot do when using e-resources subscribed by ICIPE information resource centre. The use of these resources is guided by the terms and conditions of licenses, which are legally binding documents agreed with the publisher of each resource.

All ICIPE staff and students should also ensure that they are familiar with the icipe resource Centre rules before using e-resources managed by Library Services.

Who is entitled to use the e-resources?

Most e-resource licenses restrict access to the resource to “authorized users”. The definition of authorized user varies from license to license. The majority of licenses define authorized users as:

  • Current students
  • Members of staff

Authorized users are under no circumstances allowed to provide access to the resources to other individuals.

How should the e-resources be used?

The resources are licensed for educational purposes, i.e. teaching and learning (either face to face or distance learning), private study and research.

The resources must not be used for commercial purposes. This includes use for the purpose of monetary reward or by means of the sale or loan of the resource. Research funded by a commercial organization does not constitute commercial research.

Authorized users can:

  • Save parts of the resource, e.g. journal articles, electronically for personal use
  • Print out single copies of journal articles, etc.
  • Distribute single copies of parts of the resource in print or electronic form to other authorized users
  • Send occasional articles, chapters and short sections of articles to yourself
  • Access e resources through the library website  and also via the library  computers while on campus especially science direct publication
  • Access e resources outside campus using e-proxy using the following  procedure
  1. Go to EZproxy Log in Page:
  2. Log in with your icipe username and password (For the username do not add for example just put amwanzu instead of
  3. Go directly to the Database Menu on the page : select the resources you want by directly clicking on it.
  4. For specific resources for which you know the URL, put the URL after the EZproxy prefix i.e.
  5. Practically for the EDS resource this is what you will put after the EZproxy URL:,uid&profile=eds&groupid=main

Authorized users must not:

  • Make the resource available to anyone who is not an authorized user
  • Display any part of the resource on a publicly accessible website or network
  • Make print or electronic copies of multiple extracts
  • Systematically download material, e.g. download a copy of every article in a journal in order to create a local archive
  • Remove, hide or change copyright notices
  • Share passwords to unauthorized users
  • Download full text articles and email them to friends outside the institution.
  • Use of electronic resources must be consistent with the Centers’ policies on academic honesty.

For example, Users may not:

  1. Use Electronic Resources to sabotage or plagiarize the work of others;

Breach of license - PLEASE NOT THAT any violation of these terms and conditions might result in immediate termination of this benefits to you and may warrant disciplinary action.



WHEREAS icipe has signed an agreement with Research4life that facilitates free unrestricted access by authorized icipe (staff and students) users to Research4life database containing electronic resources (i.e. HINARI, AGORA, OARE, ARDI and GOALI) with expensive peer reviewed journals from 137 repute publishers.

NOWTHEREFORE as an authorized user, a username and password for access to the Research4life database shall only be issued to you subject to receipt by the IRC coordinator signed and dated copy of this document signifying your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


You shall not download complete journal issues or books for your private and own use or study nor make publicly available any downloaded material. Only limited numbers of articles or chapters from any one journal issue or book can be downloaded up to a maximum of 15% of the issue or book and saved to a local digital memory for your private and own use or study.




You may print single copies of articles and book chapters from the Material up to a maximum of 15% of the issue or book for your private and own use or study. Printing complete issues of books or journals is expressly prohibited.


Document supply


icipe library may supply printed or digital copies of individual journal articles, book chapters and other material belonging to the Publisher available through the Research4Life programmes only to the Institution’s employees or students. Such documents shall not be supplied to any other individuals or organisations outside the Institution and shall not be made available to the public.


Username / Passwords

Sharing of the Research4life username and password is expressly prohibited.




For monitoring purpose access to the Research4life database shall only be on your computer whose IP address has been identified below, owned by you and is under the direct control of icipe. Remote access from any other computers or digital installations is expressly prohibited.


Limited Access


This benefit is limited to usage in Kenya by virtue of being a HINARI Group A country beneficiary. Access to the Research4Life database whilst travelling outside Kenya is expressly prohibited.




PLEASE NOTE THAT any violation of these terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of this benefit to you and may warrant disciplinary action