Predatory Journals

Do not publish in predatory journals. Publishers of predatory journals are exploitative, corrupt publishers and exist only to make money off the author. They don’t care about quality of papers, the editorial process or peer-review. Papers published in predatory journals are therefore worthless, and the act of publishing papers in predatory journals is unethical. Such papers add nothing to your CV. In fact they can seriously detract from your reputation as a researcher. Want to know which journals/publishers are predatory? See Beall’s list

Prof. Jeffrey Beall describes predatory publishing in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

"Predatory open-access publishers are those that unprofessionally exploit the gold open-access model for their own profit. That is to say, they operate as scholarly vanity presses and publish articles in exchange for the author fee. They are characterized by various level of deception and lack of transparency in their operations. For example, some publishers may misrepresent their location, stating New York instead of Nigeria, or they may claim a stringent peer-review where none really exists."

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Predatory Journals, Publishers and Conferences

Although Beall’s list is a ‘blacklist', there are lists widely available of acceptable open access journals and publishers For example The Directory of Open Access Journals ( and the membership list for the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association ( list journals and publishers that follow established, responsible practices in open access publishing.